Additional documents are required for clients that are self employed. The required documents/records needed are listed below. If you do not have the required documents, you may use our templates in order to record your information for the current tax year.

  • Tax ID Number (

  • Client List

  • Record of Income Received (bank statements)

  • Expenses (receipts, invoices, bank statements)

  • Used to input your client contact information, services/products provided, and amount paid.

  • Used to input your expenses as a business owner. You should record the vendor/store that you used, date, and amount that you paid. These amounts will agree with receipts that you have kept throughout the year.



Complete this form in order to provide your primary filing information. You will need your personal information ie. name, social security number, birthdate, dependent information, and filing information.


Required for each client to read and sign in order for DirectPay Tax Service to offer you bank products through Santa Barbara Bank. We are also requred to inform you of your tax filing options when submiting your tax return.