Checks Can Be Sent Overnight

Picked Up From Walmart / Office

Direct Deposit / Visa Cards

Treasury Offset Program Call Center

(800) 304-3107

If you have not received your Federal Return by your expected Check Date, you may be able to check your status directly from IRS.

Your State Refund has not been received yet. Check directly with your state agency to check the status of your refund.

May your refund be taken for a Federal or State Related Debt? Check here to find out if your refund will be or has been offset.

If the IRS indicates that your tax return has been sent to the bank, you can check your status with our Partner, Republic Bank in order to find out your release date.

Where's My Federal Refund?

Was My Refund Taken for a Debt?

Follow Your Return From Any City Or State

When will SBBT Release my Refund?

Where's My State Refund?